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MCB2 is a stand-alone meter designed for detecting, locating and quantifying radioactive alpha, beta, gamma and X-ray contaminations. MCB2 consists of an ergonomic small size and lightweight ABS housing that has a gun-style shape with a pancake detector at the front. This design guarantees hours of use without feeling any pain or wrist injury and helps to correctly point the area to meter without any major risk of contamination on user’s hands. MCB2 fits comfortably in either the right or left hand and a wrist strap secures it from any accidental drop. MCB2 is delivered with a metallic cover that protects the entrance grid and the thin detector window. This cover is thick enough to discriminate alpha/beta from gamma particles. Indeed, when the cover is in place, MCB2 will not measure any alpha or beta, only gamma. A compartment that is accessible via a trap door accepts two off-the-shelf AA-LR6 alkaline batteries for 130 hours of operation. A battery sign is displayed when the battery life is too low. A specific count-rate algorithm ensures a fast response time to low contamination with a variable averaging time. MCB2 is driven by two buttons: power and backlight which makes it very easy-to-use and always available even for non-specialized users. A five second pressure on the backlight button will mute the audio for silent applications.


*Our unit is used in very good condition.  Manual included.

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