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Air volume totalizer

Full specifications below

Runs on AC or DC

Unit is in great condition

Very intuitive use.

From Radeco:


  • Runs On 12/24Vdc Or 120Vac
  • High Accuracy
  • Altitude Corrections
  • Lcd Displays
    • Elapsed Sample Time
    • Flow Rate
    • Total Volume
  • Microprocessor Based
  • Data Memory
  • 3 Independent Programmable Calibrations
The RADēCO Model H-811 AC/DC is a dependable, lightweight high volume air sampler which can operate off 12 or 24VDC as well as 120 VAC. This microprocessor based high volume air sampler will operate virtually anywhere. The unit has a slip connector for powering off a car battery or a RADeCO RAD1224 Battery Pack as well as a removable AC power cord for when line power is available.

In 2006 we upgraded the microprocessor of the industry favorite H-810 to allow three independently programmable calibrations as well as altitude correction factors. This one unit can replace up to 6 air samplers. Three AC units with different calibrations and three DC units with three different calibrations.

The Air Volume Totalizer portion of the sampler is composed of an enclosed air-turbine which rotates at speeds proportional to the air velocity of the sampled air. The turbine’s rotation is sensed by a reflective sensor/breaker disk. The microprocessor converts the signal to volume and displays the flow rate, total volume, and elapsed time on the LCD readout.

The operation of the Model H-811 is a very simple, four-step procedure, and the training required by  the user is relatively short. Its operational procedure is:

1. Connect to a power source.

2. Install the sample holder with filter media.

3. Turn power switch on.

3. Press the start key.

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