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All meters sold by CHP Consultants are not calibrated on site. We hire independent third parties with extensive QA plans to provide NIST Traceable calibrations of all instruments. For this reason, we charge extra for cals. Fortunately here in Oak Ridge, TN there are many options. We strive to get the best rates for our clients.

We also perform some detailed electronic repairs of instruments in house. Though many repairs are also hired out.

Senior level HP Support using our retainer of CHP’s with extensive experience in many areas is provided on a TBD basis depending on the work requested.

Instrumentation Calibration and Repairs – Price List

Recondition 3M GVP-111
NICAD Battery to 90+%
Count Rate Meter $60
GM Pancake Probe $30
Plateaued Probe $45
Dual Probe $50
Ludlum 26-1 $145
Low Background Counters $330
Personnel Contamination Monitor (beta only) $330
Personnel Contamination Monitor ((dual)) $440
Self Reading Dosimeters $35
P-10 Gas Probe $40
Air Sampler $75
AMS-3 $250
AMS-4 $300
Landfill Monitor $200
HandECount $175
Laundry Monitor $1000
Hand & Foot Monitor $200
3500-1000 Monitor $250
SAM-2 $65
E-600 $175
Low Background Counter $300 + travel
PCMs (Beta only- PCM-1B) $300 + travel
PCMs (Dual (PCM-2, Argos 5AB, PCM-1B) $300 + travel
Hand and Foot Monitor $200
Dose Rate Meter (4 scales) $80
Dose Rate Meter (up to 2R/hr) $100
Self Reading Dosimeter $30
Digital Dosimeter (single point) $50
Digital Dosimeter (multiple point) $100
Maintenance Report by Serial Number $5
Instrument repair Labor Rate / hr $150
Consulting Rate / hr $150-$200+
Emergency On-Site Visit / hr $175 + Travel
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Other Charges
Outside vendor calibrations (Ludlum, Energy Solutions, Permafix) +10%
Parts billed at cost plus 15% (Over $300 +10%)
Expedited Calibrations billed at 1.5X normal rate
Instrument Design Services: $150/hr
Android or iOS App Development – Please Call.
Instruments Sent with Check Sources – up to $200 if radiation surveys required.

Sales and General Information: enquiries@chpconsultants.com
Technical Support: support@chpconsultants.com

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