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Eberline HandECount


  • Alpha/Beta Sensitive
  • Selectable Units of Measurement
  • Stores Measurement Results
  • Color Display
  • Built-in Calibration Routine
  • True Portability
  • Optional 8 Hour Battery Operation
  • Alarms
  • Decay-Corrected Source Library
  • Internal Clock


The HandECount sample counting system provides simultaneous alpha and beta measurements.  This system is controlled by a Palm handheld computer platform and operating system which communicates with our standard modular detector board to perform all counting operations.  The Palm’s built-in informative color screen, intuitive controls, internal clock and powerful database capabilities provide numerous cost-effective advantages over custom built systems.

The HandECount system incorporate a 2″ dual phosphor scintillator coupled to a sliding drawer mechanism accommodating a 2″ diameter (47mm) sample.  The drawer uses a height adjustable sampling area to permit use with different sample types.  To activate the counting process, the sample drawer myst be slid all the way back where is makes contact with a switch.  The enclosure is made from a durable plastic which will withstand rugged handling.  The built-in handle in combination with the battery operation option, facilitate true portability for feld usage up to eight hours between battery charges.

Unlike many of its predecessors in this price class, the HandECount allows users to configure the instrument to best suit their particular application criteria.  Multiple configurations may be saved and employed by the end user via selection of the sample type to be measured.  All measurements automatically subtract the stored background value before calculating the final result based upon the unit of measurement pre-selected for that particular sample type.

All measurement results are automatically stored to a database shich can be viewed directly on the Palm or sent to a PC running a WindowsTM application via the built-in RS-232C interface.

In addition to the measurement results database, the HandECount also supports a database comprising all the background and check source updates to support quality control.  A separate database references all radiation sources employed for checking and calibrating the instrument.  All sources are automatically decay-corrected to simplify and maintain accuracy in these functions.

A built-in calibration routine permits calibration of the instrument and displays the results.  Two levels of password control prevent access to any editing and calibration functions.  All calibration results are stored to a calibration reporting databse for review on the Palm or for later retrieval by a PC.

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