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The ALPHA-6A-1 is a continuous alpha air monitor which, if properly configured, will calculate the activity due to particular isotopes. It accomplishes this using a
256 channel analyzer and a set of parameters and equations which accurately measure activity by subtracting out counts due to other isotopes. In addition, the ALPHA
-6A-1 archives historical data, checks for alarms and responds to user commands.
The ALPHA-6A-1 comprises a detector assembly, a 256 channel analyzer, two 8-bit microprocessors, a dot matrix liquid crystal display, a twenty key membrane keypad, a mass air flow sensor, two serial ports, a real time clock, a lithium battery, a rotating beacon, a bell, a beeper and external alarm and failure contacts.  You will need a pump to draw air through the unit.  We have several eproms for Pu and U monitoring.
We have two of the Alpha 6A-1CT and are not sure what the CT is for.  They have the integral head.
We have two of the Alpha 6A-1RH that requires a remote head to function.  See photo of unit without integral head.
We have two of the ALPHA6A OPT4 Remote Heads that can also be bought separately. See the photos.
Note that we have several E-Proms for these if you need them.

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Eberline Alpha 6A-1, Alpha 6A OPT4 Remote head for ALPHA-6A-1RH, Eberline Alpha 6A-1CT, Eberline Alpha 6A-1RH (needs remote head)