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F&J Model DF-AB-40L is a lightweight, small footprint, DC voltage powered air sampling system operable from (1) on-board 4500 mAh NiMH batteries, (2) line power, or (3) vehicle cigarette lighter socket.
The DF-AB-40L is well suited for emergency response sampling activities where users do not know whether line power will be available. Typical operating time from on-board batteries is approximately 6 hours utilizing 47 mm glass fiber filter paper.

The automatic flow control feature with the F&J Digital Flowmeter technology provides maximum flexibility for emergency response sampling responsibilities. The set flowrate is maintained automatically in case of dust loading and does not require operator attention. The air sampler is contained in a lightweight small dimensioned enclosure which is water tight. The unit can be carried very easily by its large, rugged plastic handle.
Typical flow range is 10 – 35 SLPM (0.3 -1.24 SCFM).

Pump Type: Dual diaphragm high efficiency

Maximum Flowrate: 35 LPM typical with 47 mm glass fiber media (98% DOP efficiency)
Power Source:
Internal –
12VDC Battery Pack
NiMH; 12VDC/4500 mAh

External –
Line Power; 100VAC or 250VAC Vehicle Cigarette Lighter – 12VDC
Battery Charging System: Internal System which charges from line power.
Operating Time on Batteries: ~ 6 hours w/FP47M glass fiber paper
Current Draw: 0.6 A maximum
Filter Holder Fitting: 3/8 FNPT quick disconnect
Handle: Durable plastic
Weight: 13 lbs. (5,9 kg)
Dimensions: 14.5 in L × 8 in W × 10 in H (36.8 × 20.3 × 25.4 cm)
Average Db: 64.3
Operating Temperature: 14oF to 122oF (-10oC to 50oC)
Display: Bright LED (6 character, 1.2 cm H)
Elapsed Time: DD:HH:MM up to 168 hours
Flow Control: Adjustable from keypad between 10-30 LPM Flow Accuracy: ±4.0% of Full Scale Factory Settable
Data Storage Device (P/N: 232FCDSD)
2 GB Secure Digital Card (P/N: 372239)
Flash card Reader (P/N: SDDR-199-A20)
Engineering Units for Flow and Volume: SCFM / SCF

For internal use:
17256491, 17256492, 17256493, 17256494, 17256495, 17256496, 17256497

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Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in