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Stock photo used, more photos available upon request.  Please call or email for pricing on our refurbished unit.

The Series 5 XLB low background alpha/beta counter offers a completely integrated, computer controlled system for maximum flexibility.

• Automatic single detector, ultra-low
background counting system
• Enhanced low background
• Gas Stat digital gas conservation
and monitoring system
• Fifty planchet sample changer with
100 sample capacity optional
• Molded low background passive
shielding with interlocking design
• Reduced system footprint
and integrated cart
• High performance dual anode
5.7 cm (2.25 in.) gas flow detector
with ultra-thin gold sputtered
window; single anode one inch
detector option available
• Advanced electronic diagnostics
continuously monitor operating
• Universal auto-sensing power
• Coded positive sample carrier
• External or sample changer based
bar code reader
• CE compliant