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The Cronos-4 Gamma Object/Tool Monitors are extremely sensitive instruments used to detect gamma radiation in/on articles such as waste bags, tools, briefcases, hard hats, and other miscellaneous objects. Measurements which ensure that objects have no detectable radioactivity can result in significant cost savings in waste processing and/or storage.

By taking all the best features of Mirion contamination monitors together with new technology and input from health physicists and radiation protection workers worldwide, Mirion has produced a monitor that significantly outperforms any previous monitors in its class.

All Cronos monitors use a sophisticated “fast following” background trending and release-limit algorithm to provide the best performance in a stable or varying radiation field.

The very low detection threshold is optimized by the quantity and sensitivity of the detectors, the thickness of the lead shielding and the measuring time, so that stringent user requirements can be met.

With the Mirion WebRemote software, an easy-to-use touch screen graphical user interface for industrial PC-based operation results in improved health physics programs, better tracking of contamination and faster, more thorough personnel throughput at boundary points.

The devices are rugged and reliable; and they are extremely easy to use.

  • Cronos-4 counting chamber volume: 128.7 L (4.5 cu. ft)
  • Amongst the lowest MDA/largest counting chamber volume combinations
  • Robust, ergonomic and easy-to-use and to decontaminate
  • Counts gamma photons with energy >50 keV
  • Six 50 mm (~2 in.) thick large surface area plastic scintillator detectors
  • Six sides of removable 25 mm (~1 in.) thick lead ingot shielding standard
  • Built-in 100 kg (~220 lb) range, 0.1 kg (0.22 lb) resolution, weigh scale
  • Single or Dual door operation
  • Automatic or manual selection of transmission correction factors
  • Alarms/messages provided audibly and visually
Carts available, please inquire.

We also have SAM-12’s and SAM-9’s and single door  and 2 door SAM-11’s, please see other listings. 
These are exceedingly heavy as they are lined with lead shielding.  You will have to arrange freight shipping.  We have quite a few and can part some of them out if there are critical components you need to keep operating.

All equipment is sold with our standard UNCONDITIONAL WARRANTEE!!

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