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These came from a Utility that changed to a different HFM and no longer needed them in their fleet.  The units were in cal through 2016.  We will get them up and running before shipping and offer an unconditional 30 day warrantee on these items.

From the Manufacture:

The RADOS RTM110 Hand Foot Clothing Contamination Monitor is used in circumstances not requiring a full body monitor.

The system is based on an industrial personal computer. Featuring an extremely robust, real time and multi-tasking Unix-based operating system, it is designed for highest performance in process control with an intuitive graphical user interface for greatest ease of use.

The RADOS RTM110 is a Hand Foot Clothing monitor in a functional design for measurement of alpha and beta contamination.

•Various detector configurations – RBP detectors
•Modern, PC supported measurement electronics
•Designed for performance in nuclear environments
•Proven measurement concept


Hands Feet
241Am 15% 3%
131I 16% 12%
14C 7% 3%
60Co 18% 14%
36CI 37% 28%
90Sr/90Y 68% 44%

Technical Specifications:

Overview of Features:
• beta plastic detectors provide independence from gas supply
• double hand detectors for quick one-step measurement
•Modern PC supported measurement electronics
• real time, multitasking operating system QNX6
• graphical user interface, calibration tool, various optional applications (P2 accelerator, detector test etc.)
• various interfaces (USB, CD-ROM)
•Designed for performance in nuclear environments
• design according to new IEC 61098
• stainless steel housing, easily decontaminated, easy maintenance
•Proven measurement concept
• automatic background subtraction
• automatic adjustment of measurement time
• display of measurement values (cps, dpm, cpm, Bq, nCi, Bq/cm2, kBq/m2)

Customer Benefits:
Particular benefits of the monitor are:
• Quick and easy operation with robust performance
• software on the basis of the real-time QNX6 operating system proven in many industrial
• optional P2 accelerator reduces measurement time up to 30%
•Low cost of operation and maintenance
• maintenance software tools common over the CheckPoint:Body™ familiy of monitors
•Ability to network
• TCP/IP ability
• optional link up with CeMoSys™ server for centralised monitoring

The RTM110 monitor of the CheckPoint:Body™ family is the ideal monitor to back up whole body
contamination monitors at the exit points from controlled areas in nuclear facilities:
• with high or changing gamma background,
• with high throughput requirements.
The RTM110 is also very well suited for mobile contamination monitoring inside the controlled area or for temporary controlled areas.