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Lead shielded Tool Monitor frequently used by nuclear stations to clear radioactive materials for release to to the public.  This is an older version that works just like the new ones (SAM-11 and SAM-12), but costs a lot less!

Utilizes plastic scintillators inside a shielded compartment to assay for very low levels of radioactivity.  These devices are also used by people who frequently receive equipment from places where they might be contaminated.  They can assay the material before getting into or out of their controlled areas.

This is a one door variety.  We also have carts sold separately if you want one to put this on.  These are VERY heavy and require a special stand.

This machine is the ultimate prepper tool that can assess radioactivity in any substance to background levels.

Additional information

Weight 3000 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 60 in