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Stock photo used, please see photo gallery for actual unit for sale.  Please call or email for pricing on our refurbished unit.

Protection of nuclear facility and nuclear power plant personnel requires thorough, frequent monitoring for gamma contamination using a detection system that won’t disrupt plant operations. The Thermo Scientific™ PM12 Personnel Gamma Portal Monitor provides simplified but advanced monitoring capability for workers, articles and waste well below clearance levels. The unit has eight identical large gamma-sensitive plastic scintillation detectors to provide coverage from head to feet and accomodates traffic flow in either direction for reliable radiation detection in an efficiently-running process.

The PM12 Personnel Gamma Portal Monitor features eight identical, large gamma-sensitive plastic scintillation detectors; three detector assemblies are located in each side of the portal, with additional detectors to monitor the head and feet. The monitor may be used in five modes: walk-through, one step, two step, three step, stand and turn.

  • Operates in minimum count time or maximum sensitivity mode.
  • Checks individual detectors levels.
  • Continuously checks for changing background levels during the measurement.
  • Vertical system lights are located on both sides of the portal frame indicate operational status.
  • Quick Scan and Quick Background significantly reduce counting time without compromising the statistical probabilities of detection or false alarm.
  • Separate 60Co and gross alarm levels provide higher alarm sensitivity.
  • 16 SUM Zones with individual alarms.
  • PC controlled, with embedded Windows operating system.
  • Stores all background, measurement, source checking, event log, voltage scanning to an internal SQL database for report generation.
  • Set-up, configuration and diagnostic information accessible via a touchscreen LCD or an optional external PC.
  • User screens and voice prompts in a wide range of user-selectable languages.
  • Dongle security, with three security levels.
  • Battery and sensor diagnostics.
  • Calibration integrity checking.
  • Video camera, barcode reader and EPD reader options.