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Solid Performance Designed to measure low-level gamma radiation, this Environmental Radiation Monitor (RSS 131 ER) is the latest High Pressure Ionization Chamber (HPIC) from GE Energy. With over 30 years of service in multiple utility and government agency environmental radiation monitoring applications around the world, Reuter Stokes Environmental Radiation Monitors continue to provide reliable operation in extreme climates. Versatile, accurate and reliable, the RSS 131 ER is ideally suited for use in Homeland Security applications.

Configurable by the User The user has the option to specify parameters such as alarm limits, unit address, and data recording interval (1 sec — 9 hrs). This is accomplished via one of the serial interface ports using a PC — there is no need to open the weatherproof enclosure to make these adjustments, enabling straightforward customization.
Features • Extended range: 0-100 R/hr (0-1 Sv/hr) • Unattended gamma radiation monitor — originally designed to monitor nuclear power plant perimeters • Configurable with a variety of sensors for Environmental and Homeland Security applications • High signal-to-noise ratio: Internal background as little as 1% of Geiger-Muller based sensors • Accuracy: +/-5% at 10microR/hr • Configurable alarm set points • 20,000 data point storage — interval configurable • Replaces all earlier models, including the RSS 1012, RSS 1013 and the RSS 131.
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