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Radiation Alert Inspector with Internal GM Detector

Functions properly with all its features for detecting radiation.

With this purchase, you will be receiving this product with the original design from CHP Consultants called CountsPro.

As you take counts and measurements with your Inspector, your data will be transferred via a Bluetooth chip that we will install prior to shipment. Your data will be processed through our free App in the App store. Your data can be synced to the cloud with in depth analysis of the counts received every quarter second.

For more specifications on the CountsPro see the eBay listing here:

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions, we monitor our store very closely during regular business hours and we will be sure to get back to you quickly. See below for specifications on the Radiation Alert Inspector:

From the Manual
Detector: Internal Halogen-quenched Geiger-Mueller tube.
Effective dia. 1.75” (45 mm). Mica window
density 1.5-2.0 mg/cm2.
Display: 4 -Digit liquid crystal display including mode indicators
Operating Range: mR/hr: .001 to 100.0
CPM: 0 to 300,000
Total: 1 to 9,999,000 counts
μSv/hr:.01 to 1,000
CPS: 0 to 5,000
Efficiency: Sr(Y)-90: approx. 38%; C-14: approx. 5.3%
4 π at contact P-32: approx 33%; Co-57: approx. .3%
Gamma Sensitivity:
3500 CPM/mR/hr referenced to Cs-137
Smallest detectable level for I-125 is .02 μCi at contact
Averaging Periods: Display updates every 3 seconds, showing the average for the past 30-second time period at normal levels. The averaging period decreases as the radiation level increases.
CAL Factor Range: 001 to 199
Timer: Can set 1-10 minute sampling periods in one minute increments, 10-50 minute sampling periods in 10-minute increments, and 1-24 hour sampling periods in 1-hour increments
Accuracy: mR/hr: ± 15% up to 50 mR/hr
± 20% up to 100 mR/hr