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The UD-802 dosimeter is the most commonly used dosimeter configuration produced by Panasonic and used worldwide.  It has two Lithium Borate elements (1&2) and two Calcium Sulfate elements (3&4) for tissue equivalence and energy discrimination respectively.

These are used Panasonic TLD’s model UD-802. They are used but warranteed to meet any acceptance criteria to which you want to test them.  These came from operating environments and are ready for your use.  When you purchase these dosimeters, we do not differentiate between UD-802, UD-802AT, or UD-802AS dosimeters.  The AT and AS indicate the relative response of the dosimeter to a mean population.

Most people perform ECF testing and assign ECF to account for variation in response about a population mean.  For this reason, the AT or AS designation is irrelevant.  If for some reason you require them to say AT or AS, please let us know and we will segregate them for you.

For an additiona $6 each, we can perform ECF testing on the dosimeters and provide you with a list of ECF’s and the data used to generate them for you.  Along with the photo of the dosimeter showing the internal slide removed, we have provided the chart from Panasonic describing the physical characteristics of these dosimeters.

We also have several different types of hangers that can be used to contain the dosimeters during use.  This dosimeter with the stardard hanger configuration with a polycarbonate hanger has several published algorithms that can be used to assess dose.  In addition we can help you with laboratory management and updated algorithms if you require them.

Volume discounts on dosimeters are available at the following rates: 1000-5000 units, 5%; 5001-10,000 units, 10%, 10,000 units+ 15%

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