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The UD-7900 reader is the latest reader type offered today by Panasonic.  Our readers came from operating dosimetry labs that closed.  They are all unconditionally warranteed.  We recommend you purchase laboratory management software to go with these readers.  The cost varies as there are a few versions out there that range from $20,000 and up.
The UD-7900 Reader automatically reads all “UD-800 Series” TL Badges with high reproducibility and precision. Using the non-contact optical heating method, the reader can measure a large number of TL badges at high speed with reliability.  Both the photon-counting method (pulse-counting) for small signals and the current integration method for large signals are employed to precisely detect the thermoluminescence throughout a wide range from low to high doses.
The reader is equipped with self-checking functions for the optical path; sensitivity of PM tube, heating stabilty etc. It also performs
automatic functions such as annealing of the TL badges for repeat use, optical reading of the ID code, and sensitivity adjustment correction by the built-in reference light source.Pre-heating, annealing, and ID code optical reading are also incorporated
•  Optical Heating System, ( Non-Contact)
Extremely fast non contact heating requiring no gas or annealing ovens. The heat is localized for high operational reliability.
•Simplified Operation
One-press automatic start. Minimal training for operators and technicians. Very easy to service and maintain.
• Batch Measurement With the Built In Auto-changer
batch measurement of 500 badges is possible . This saves time as there is no need to manually feed badges into reader
•Selectable Heating Mode
Digital heating control of power and time. UD-710A and UD-716A heating emulation. No need to change hardware, connections, or lamp.
•Built in Glow Curve Interface.
•Built in Electronic Real Time Measurement of Heating Temperature Profile.
• Power Supply (factory preset)
100/115/220/230/240V AC/50-60Hz
•Windows based Control Software
; PC and Monitor are included
to Host PC or Mainframe iseasy through built in RS232 Interface
•Uses field proven and reliable UD-710/UD-730 mechanics
We also have onsite setup and training available along with extended service contracts.  Let us know and we can help.

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