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The Panasonic UD-710 TLD Reader is the workhorse of most dosimetry operations utilizing the Panasonic TLD worldwide.  It has been successfully used for many years and provides a readily understood, stable platform for providing TLD Measurements. 

The UD-710 Reader automatically reads all “UD-800 Series” TL Badges with high reproducibility and precision. Using the non-contact optical heating method, the reader can measure a large number of TL badges at high speed with reliability.  Both the photon-counting method (pulse-counting) for small signals and the current integration method for large signals are employed to precisely detect the thermoluminescence throughout a wide range from low to high doses.

With the optional UD-730 Autoloader, you can load 500 dosimeters for automatic reading.  Without the UD-730,you can load single racks of 50.

Most of the new TLD readers made by Panasonic still incorporate many of the very same parts as the UD-710 reader.  For an additional $30,000 you can buy a UD-710 reader and have it “converted” to a UD-7900 reader by the Panasonic factory representatives.  The readers available from CHP Consultants are working units removed from operating laboratories in the United States.  They will provide you with many years of operation for a much lower cost than buying a new system.  We have a very large inventory of spare parts for these readers too.  In addition, there are a few companies making spare parts for these readers such as Microdesigns, Inc.

The UD-710 reader will output the results of processing in an ASCII file through the RS-232C interface.  For a more complete system, we suggest getting a dose algorithm and laboratory processing software that will make the operation of this reader and the accumulation of relevant data much easier.  We also have glow curve interfaces that allow you to take the glow curve data from reading each element.  This data is readily accepted by most Laboratory Software programs.

Software may seem expensive ($8000+), but the cost of creating this level of functionality on your own is dwarfed by the relative cost of a laboratory management system.  Call or email for more information on laboratory management systems and even procedures for your operation.  We have turn-key solutions available should you need it.

We have UD-7900 readers also available if you prefer that system.
TLD Automatic Reader: Model UD-710 Series
Badge Feed System With magazines (50 badges / magazine)
Reading Method: Heating Optical-heating method
TL Measurement
counting method (for small signals)
Current method (for large signals)
Pre-heating and Annealing
Pre-heating and annealing functions are incorporated
ID code reading Optical reading
Processing speed 20 seconds/badge
2.8 hours/500 badges
(utilizing optional UD-730 magazine changer)
Self – checking functions
Checking of optical path, sensitivity of PM tube, heating stability, etc.
Output interface RS – 232C
Dimensions and Weight
543 (W) X 830 (H) X 380 (D) mm, 77 kg
Optional (not included with UD-710) Magazine Changer: Model UD – 730 Series
Capacity 10 magazines (500 badges)

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