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We have these detectors complete with portable cryostats.  They come with a thin what look like Cu foil that covers the detector for low E discrimination.  The foil is easily removed. There is also about 3 feet of cabling to hook up your electronics.

*Portable Dewars and cabling is available for this unit.

From the Manufacturer:

Configuration Guideline
PopTop or Streamline (non-PopTop) Configuration
The essence of a PopTop detector system is that the HPGe detector element cryostat, preamplifier, and high voltage filter are housed in a
detector “capsule” which is then attached to an appropriate cryostat (Figure 2.)
In Streamline systems, the detector capsule is NOT demountable. Detector capsule and cryostat share the same vacuum. In configuration
terms, this requires a cryostat or cryostat/dewar selection with the cryostat having a matching diameter to the capsule endcap or an
integrated cryocooling system (ICS). A cryostat or ICS must always be ordered with a Streamline capsule, because they are integral.
The actual PopTop capsule has its own vacuum. It can be mounted on any of the available cryostats, cryostat/dewar combinations, or the
X-COOLER III mechanical cooling system.
Certain cryostat configurations are available only as PopTop and others are available only as Streamline.

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