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  • Mirion Rados RTM 750 Laundry monitor, with extension conveyor belt

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RTM750 Laundry and Small-Items Conveyor Monitor


The laundry and small items monitor RTM750 is used for detection of radioactive contamination on clothing and other small and/or long items as tubes, poles and valves for example. Detector arrays both above and below the stain-less steel mesh belt guarantee a high sensitiv-ity. The particular detector arrangement ensures measurements without any dead zones. The gap between belt and upper detector array is adjust-able to achieve as low detection limits as possible. This is monitored by light barriers. RTM750 can be equipped with various detector combinations to meet specific requirements.


  • High sensitivity, no dead zones
    • Beta plastic, gamma plastic, gas detectors, or combinations
    • Belt available in various dimensions
    • Automatic speed control
    • Height adjustment (2 – 18 cm; optionally more)
    • Automatic background subtraction
    • Selectable alarm levels in cps, cpm, Bq, Bq/cm2
    • Audible and visible alarm indication
    • 2nd conveyor for automated sorting of items (Schonau conveyor)


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