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The DMC 2000S is an electronic dosimeter that features display of dose, dose rate and programmable alarms. The DMC 2000S is user friendly, lightweight and waterproof, it can be a Stand-alone device or integrated into a dosimetry program.  We send these out in Stand-Alone mode and can set the alarms for you if you want.  Just let us know where you want them set.  Unless otherwise requested, we set the alarms as follows:

Dose Rate:  Deep 100 mr/Hr, Shallow 1000 mr/Hr

Total Dose:  Deep 2000 mr, Shallow 20,000 mr.

If you want other parameters let us know.  The parameters above would be suitable for emergency situations.

We refurbish these to order, so if you need a large number of them, let us know.  We have lots more than are listed.


Stand-alone device or integrated into a dosimetry system
Audible and visual alarms
Large internal histogram memory
Self-testing diagnostics (battery, detector and parameters)
Hand free communication, pass-by exchange
Optional teledosimetry or use as an area monitor
We also have LDM-101 and other readers to allow interfacing with computers sold separately.
We are currently refurbishing these units and will have quite a few coming available.  If you need more than we have ready, let us know and we will get more refurbished.

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