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The Model 9DP-1 is a digital, hand-held pressurized ion chamber that provides highly sensitive exposure measurements of gamma and x-ray radiation at energies above 25 keV and beta radiation at energies above 1 MeV. This meter is specially designed for radiography work where pulsed fields are being measured. It correctly integrates 50 ns pulses (and wider) that other systems typically miss or measure inaccurately. Another feature of this instrument is that the detector chamber is only pressurized to 2.5 atm (22 psig), thus avoiding all (USA) HAZMAT concerns for shipping and handling. However, this reduced pressure also reduces sensitivity, so the minimum “good” measurement point is 2 µSv/h (200 µR/hr).

Measurements and instrument status are displayed on a large 232K-color, backlit LCD screen. The screen displays the current exposure rate as well as simultaneously displaying either the integrated exposure rate or the peak exposure rate in Sv, R, Gy, or rem units. An additional mode, Pulsed Mode, locks the instrument in the highest measurement range in order to improve pulsed radiation response while sacrificing low radiation reading resolution.

The instrument is operated using the four push-buttons below the screen (ON/OFF, FUNCTION, AUDIO, ACK/RESET). In addition to the visual display, click audio proportional to the current exposure rate audibly indicates the exposure rate level. Two alarm levels can be set to alert the user whenever the pre-programmed level has been exceeded. Alarms are indicated on the display and by an audio tone. The instrument can also be configured for data logging. Logged data can either be stored in CSV format and written to a standard USB drive inserted in the instrument’s USB port, or written directly to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet by connecting the instrument to a computer running Ludlum’s Model 9DP Logging Spreadsheet Software.


  • Range: 2 µSv/h to 500 mSv/h (200 µR/hr to 50 R/hr)
  • Special Design for Measuring Pulsed Fields
  • Low Pressure Chamber is Non-Hazmat
  • Shows Exposure Rate & Either Integrated Exposure or Peak Exposure Rate
  • Pulsed Mode for Measuring Pulsed Radiation
  • Sunlight Readable Color Display
  • Auto-Zeroing & -Ranging
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Audio & Visual Alarms
  • Data Logging
  • USB Connectivity


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Ludlum room, in black cases

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