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Ludlum Model 9-4 Ion Chamber

The Ludlum Model 9-4 is a rugged air ionization chamber for performing beta-gamma dose rate measurements over a five-decade span ranging from 0 to 500 mSv/h (0 to 50,000 mR/hr). The ion chamber automatically compensates for changes in temperature and pressure. The chamber wall (including the instrument case) is 1000 mg/cm2. A 1000 mg/cm2 retractable beta shield allows beta measurement with a 7 mg/cm2 window.

The six-position selector switch selects Off, x10k, x1k, x100, x10 and x1. Other controls include an On/Off switch for a meter light, reset and battery test buttons, and a zero adjustment knob. An adjustable shoulder strap (included) provides a convenient and comfortable mode to carry the instrument during surveys.

The Model 9-4 is equipped with a serial interface for calibration. An optional calibration kit supplies the necessary interface cable, software, calibration can, pressure pump, and serial-to-USB converter.

  • 5-Range Ion Chamber
  • Ranges: 0 to 500 mSv/h (0 to 50,000 mR/hr)
  • 1000 mg/cm2 Retractable Beta Shield
  • Automatic Temperature & Pressure Compensation
  • Low-Battery Warning
  • High-Background Zero Capability
  • PC-Controlled Calibration

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On the App Screen while running:

Count Rate

Actual number of counts (Scaler)

Elapsed Time

Settings for count times (including infinite)

Start/Stop button

In the Data file (collected when you run a count time):
Date and time of EACH measurement

Actual counts in 0.25 second intervals with time stamp

Running count rate

Total Counts

Elapsed time

GPS location (if enabled) – 3rd party GPS units can be bought to give sub-meter GPS to iOS Devices.

Three user defined fields of unlimited length including the ability to take in measurement notes of observations.

Meter and probe model and serial numbers

Each count is stored on your device and can be emailed or shared using your smart device.

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