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The Ludlum 9-3 ion chamber is a rugged air ionization chamber for performing beta-gamma dose rate measurements over a five-decade span ranging from background to 50,000 mR/hr (500 mSv/h). The chamber wall, including the instrument case, is 1000 mg/cm². A 1000 mg/cm² retractable beta shield allows beta measurement with a 7 mg/cm² window. The six-position switch selects Off, x10K, x1K, x100, x10 and x1.

RANGE: typically 0.2–50000 mR/hr

LINEARITY: reading within 10% of true value
ENERGY RESPONSE: within  20% of true value from 40 keV to 2 MeV
RESPONSE TIME: approximately 5 seconds for 90% of final meter deflection on the x1 and x10 scales, and 2 seconds on the x100, x1k, and x10k scales

CHAMBER VOLUME: 220 cm³ (13.4 in³)
WINDOW: 7 mg/cm² metalized polyester

WINDOW AREA: 40 cm² (6.2 in²) (31.5 cm² [4.9 in²] open with optional 79% open screen)
CHAMBER CONSTRUCTION: carbon coated acrylic
BETA SHIELD: retractable 1000 mg/cm² phenolic slide
BETA FACTOR with the instrument exposed to a depleted uranium slab of 234 mrad/hr:
Reading with slide Open: 50 mR/hr
Reading with slide Closed: 1.2 mR/hr
Thus, Beta Factor – 234 divided by (50 minus 1.2) = 4.8
SIDE WALL: 1000 mg/cm² aluminum and acrylic

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