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The Model 5 is a gamma exposure ratemeter equipped with two internally housed, energy-compensated GM detectors that measure over the range of 0 to 20 mSv/h (0 to 2000 mR/hr). The cast aluminum instrument housing with its separate battery compartment and accompanying metal handle offer an industrial robustness and quality that promote long lasting protection and instrument life. The front-panel controls include a rotary switch for selecting the five display ranges and instrument shut-off, an audio on/off switch, a fast/slow response switch, and push-buttons for count reset and battery test. The Model 5 is a complete turn-key system and includes two “D” cell batteries.


  • Range: 0 to 20 mSv/h (0 to 2000 mR/hr)
  • Energy Compensated GM Detectors
  • Rugged
  • 5-Range Analog Ratemeter


  • Add a Counts.Pro to this meter for $499 and digitally record and easily share all your measurements (a $100 discount off the regular price when you buy one of our meters):For a fraction of the price of a new meter, you can add a Counts.Pro and make your detectors more functional and easy to use than the most expensive meters available today.We are the inventor of the Counts.Pro and regularly sell and service radiation detectors for nuclear industry, medical industry, and hobbyist clients. Counts.Pro uses a free App (iOS and Android) to record and share every count measured by any pulse generating radiation detector (GM, proportional, neutron, Scintillation). With Counts.Pro you can record your surveys for review and analysis, or take long term scaler counts to measure very low radiation level changes. Each data set includes every count measured by your meter, date, time, GPS, meter and probe info, operator inputs, and notes. Counts.Pro can measure 1 or 2 channels an includes an alarm feature for each channel.Counts.Pro (which is a top level domain for more research) allows you to record all your measurements and works with any detector, old or new, that measures pulses. Counts.Pro uses the GPS in your smart phone (which can be enhanced to provide sub meter GPS) to record location. Gone are the days when you only see a dancing needle on your meter and wonder what the true reading is. Data is stored in a .csv format which can be opened by any typical spreadsheet. You don’t need special software to analyze what you get, so your files are “future proof”.Counts.Pro gives you the following information:On the App Screen while running:Count Rate

    Actual number of counts (Scaler)

    Elapsed Time

    Settings for count times (including infinite)

    Start/Stop button

    In the Data file (collected when you run a count time):
    Date and time of EACH measurement

    Actual counts in 0.25 second intervals with time stamp

    Running count rate

    Total Counts

    Elapsed time

    GPS location (if enabled) – 3rd party GPS units can be bought to give sub-meter GPS to iOS Devices.

    Three user defined fields of unlimited length including the ability to take in measurement notes of observations.

    Meter and probe model and serial numbers

    Each count is stored on your device and can be emailed or shared using your smart device.

    We have installed these in Ludlum Meters, Bicron Meters, Thermo Radeye’s, and other count rate meters. Counts.Pro turns your meter into something more functional than any meter you can buy for thousands more. With no software requirements, you are never held hostage to your data.

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