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  • Ludlum Model 375-9 Area Monitor with Model 45-9 Ion Chamber for Pulsed Fields

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Unusual for a portable area monitor, this unit utilizes a Model 45-9 ion chamber and can respond to pulsed radiation fields.


  • Affordable Area Monitor
  • Range 0.1 – 1000 mR/hr
  • Fast Response to Pulsed Fields
  • Battery Backup
  • User-Programmable Alarm Settings
  • Optional Networking Function
  • Audio & Visual Alarms

The Model 375-9 Digital Wall-Mount Area Monitor is designed for visibility and ease of use. This unit provides a fast response to pulsed fields by utilizing an external ion chamber with a range from 0.1 mR/hr – 1000 mR/hr. It features a wall-mount chassis and a four-digit LED display. Backlit indicators warn of low radiation (yellow), high radiation (red), instrument failure (red), and low battery (yellow), along with an audible alarm. A green status light indicates the instrument is functioning properly.

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