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The Model 239-1F Floor Monitor is a gas proportional floor monitor detector mounted on a roll-around cart. The instrument features a flow system, quick-connects, a regulator, a gas bottle mount, and a means to adjust the height of the detector from the floor for optimum performance. A nuclear counting gas bottle and a survey instrument are additionally required for the operation of the floor monitor.

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Note that one photo is a stock photo and the other a photo from our inventory.  There are variations of this that we sell for the same price.  They all have the same functionality with adjustable probe height and etc.

These carts are typically sold with Ludlum Model 12’s, 2221’s, 2224’s, 2350’s or 2360’s.  We sell these meters separately on this website as we have them in stock.  We sell most meters for half of the new price.  For example, the floor monitor complete with a Model 2221 would sell for $2900.00.  For that price you get a complete unit minus the gas bottle.

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