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We have a large quantity of Dosimeter Corp Model 611 and other ranges available for sale.  The Model 611 is a standard instrument that has been extensively used by the nuclear industry for many years and is still used in Emergency Kits at Nuclear Stations for their reliability and ease of use.  Unlike electronic dosimeters, no battery is required.

For those of you wondering about nuclear events, 5R (5 REM) is the allowable limit for occupational exposure by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and throughout most of the State and federal bureacracy.  Even at a dose of 5R you will not have any adverse PHYSICAL effects from radiation.  These instruments would be able to give you peace of mind if you ever find yourself in a situation where you may be exposed to radiation.  These units are designed to be operated for 24 hrs or less between charges, so be sure to buy a charger from us or someone else.

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