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These are UD-802 internal slides that have been removed from UD-802AT2 dosimeters.  They are the same internal slides in both models.  They were removed since many more companies use the UD-802AS  or UD-802AT dosimeter than use the UD-802AT2 dosimeter.  These are used units, but warranteed to meet the original factory specification.  You are free to test these and we will replace any that don’t meet your acceptance criteria.  We have quite a few of these in stock, as we can remove them form our inventory of UD-802AT2 dosimeters.  If you require more than we have listed, it will take a few days to remove more.

Volume discounts on dosimeters are available at the following rates: 1000-5000 units, 5%; 5001-10,000 units, 10%, 10,000 units+ 15%

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