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The InSpector™ 1000 is a
high-performance, hand-held
NaI spectrometer for use
primarily in first responder,
customs, homeland security,
and health-physics applications.
One-click simplicity masks
the sophisticated spectral
processing facilities that
lie within the instrument –
providing a level of performance
previously available only in
more complicated laboratory
systems. The InSpector 1000
is an instrument that provides
answers not just data! With the
InSpector 1000, users from law
enforcement officers to Health
Physics technicians can obtain
the results they desire with an
easy to use, intuitive interface.

■ Simple, real time isotope
identification and classification
■ Available with fully stabilized
NaI probe (optional)
■ Gamma Locator Mode,
for quickly determining the
location of sources
■ Full featured, portable MCA
with advanced gamma
analysis for a wide range
of sources
■ Dose rate equivalent H*(10)
and count rate display and
bar graph
■ Audible warning and alarm
limits for gamma dose rate
■ Easy Mode available for
simple Locate and Identify
■ Real time isotope
identification with activity and
dose by isotope calculation
■ High-performance
spectroscopy reduced to
one button simplicity – no
spectroscopy knowledge
■ One hand operation with
detachable gamma probe
allows best possible
monitoring of narrow area
■ Decontaminable, portable,
ruggedized and spill-proof
■ Hand-held, battery operated
instrument with high resolution
color LCD – visible day
and night
■ Battery life up to 9 hours
■ Optional Neutron Probe


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Barcode 17053757

Shelf 10C

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in