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  • Harshaw 7776H Cu,P doped LiF cards. 4-element TLD cards sensitive down to 1 mrem

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These are the latest TLD cards offered by Thermo Fisher Scientific under the Harshaw Brand name. These cards use TLD-700H in positions 1-3 and TLD-600H in position 4. These are the standard type of card used for personnel monitoring and with the Cu,P doping are an order of magnitude more sensitive than the standard Mg, Ti doped LiF cards. The TLD-600H is highly sensitive to thermal neutrons. This card works with standard Harshaw Hangers such as the 8810, 8805, 8814, 8825 hangers, and the Updated Harshaw hangers we have in stock. The updated hangers were specifically designed for these card and have a slot to insert a CR-39 neutron foil.

These are used cards that came from an operating facility and are fully warranteed to meet the original factory standards as if new. We allow you to test these cards and reject any that fail to meet your criteria for refund or exchange (whatever you prefer).

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