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  • Harshaw 6600 Automatic TLD reader for cards, XD-100 Chipstrates, and DXT-RAD dosimeters
  • Harshaw 6600 Reader
  • Harshaw 6600 Reader
  • Harshaw 6600 Reader

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Save processing time with an all-in-one dosimetry solution suitable for medical, nuclear, research, and other health physic applications. The Thermo Scientific™ Harshaw TLD™ Model 6600 Automated Reader Instrument is a versatile medium capacity system for whole body, extremity, neutron and environmental monitoring. With no requirement for a separate extremity system (using either XD-RAD or DXT-RAD), the Harshaw Model 6600 reader offers significant labor and cost savings with enhanced dosimetry performance.

Capable of reading the most modern dosimeters made by thermo and other manufacturers.  Can be used with TLD-100, 600, 700 cards with either Mg:Ti or Cu:P doping (also called TLD-100H, 600H, 700H).

We have hangers, cards, chipstrate carriers, DXT-RAD carriers, and a huge inventory of dosimeters for your program.

All equipment is sold with a 30 day unconditional warranty.

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These readers could also be sent to Thermo and upgraded to a Model 6600 Plus reader for a fraction of the price of buying a new 6600 Plus.

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Weight 200 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 44 × 60 in