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The Harshaw 5500 TLD Reader provides cost-effective measurements of the radiation dose absorbed by individual TLD elements. The instrument includes an automatic sample changer and carrier disk for automatic processing of up to 50 TLD dosimeter elements in a single loading.  It processes TL chips, disks, rods and cubes in a broad variety of sizes. This reader is suitable for all kinds of applications that require TLD detectors. Clinical applications are: Radiotherapy planning verification, total body irradiation dose verification, critical organ dose verification, diagnostic dose studies including CT, and many others where measurement quality assurance is critical.  We offer unconditional warrantees on all the equipment we sell.

We have TLD-100, 600, 700, and 100H chips to process on these readers in another listing.

Works with WinREMS Software, which runs on a separate computer, provides the user interface, the reader control and the applications software.

 Easy operation, service and maintenance

  • Measurement quality assurance
  • Unattended automatic operation for up to 50 dosimeters
  • Thermoelectric PMT cooler for maximum gain stability
  • Unattended automatic background subtraction capability
  • Multiple, programmable, linear time-temperature profiles; heating profile includes pre-heat, acquire and anneal cycles
  • Linear contactless hot gas heating with temperature capability up to 600°C (1112°F)Harshaw-5500-Brochure
  • Seven decade dynamic acquisition ranges
  • 30 sec. cycle time per chip with normal TTP
  • Withstands 20mm drop on to concrete surface
  • Maintains specifications while exposed to light up to 1000 lux with cover in place
  • Options include glow curve deconvolution software, neutral density filters, and calibration software

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