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These are Gas Flow Proportional Counters from a Gamma Products G5000 automatic sampler that we parted out.  If you have need of parts, let us know.  These detectors are used for low level counting of samples emitting alpha and beta radiation.  They can be used in another Gamma Products sample counter, or individually.  They use P-10 gas to provide a counting medium.  These can be put inside a lead “cave” to perform low level counting of individual samples.  See the gas connections and the SHV connection to connect this detector to a meter used to drive the system.  Note that there are two configurations, so if you have a preference, let us know which ones you want.  Typically these are used to count 4 samples simultaneously in the G5000, so some have connections that go straight out the side, and the others have a 90 degree connection so they can fit in the G5000.

The G5000 is a lead lined automated low background sampler.  These detectors will work in one of them, or independently.  Note that they have mylar windows and are not “windowless” detectors.  We also have a guard detector that can be sold with one of these to discriminate through simultaneous coincidence counting any cosmic rays that might pass through the sample.

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