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Exploranium GR-130 with the internal GM which extends the range of monitoring for dose measurements from background levels with the internal NaI detector up to 1R per hour with the internal GM.  This unit is capable of performing dose surveys and can also automatically identify radionuclides during the survey.  An actual spectroscopy output is available on the meter face where you can see the photopeaks with the energies. This is an industrial/professional level meter that can be used by anyone that wants enhanced capabilities.  Would also be useful for walkover surveys and even prospecting for minerals.

No software, charging cable, or RS-232 cable provided.  The unit operates with two D cell batteries and is fully operational.

With this unit you can get environmental measurements of radioactivity to the uR level.
Isotope identification in the field
Dose rate measurements for compliance measurements
Survey of waste for radioactive materials at background levels
Hazard identification for risk assessment, etc.

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