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Eberline Model RM-25 Radiation Monitor

The Eberline Model RM-25 is supplied with Counts per Minute units on the display. Panel controls include the range switch, volume control, fast/slow response switch, high voltage and alarm set switch and an alarm acknowledge button. The RM-25 is equipped with an RS-232 serial port.

• The Linearity is within 5% of full scale
• The dead time correction is 1 to 999 microseconds
• The alarm setpoint is adjustable between 0 – 100% full meter scale
• Has an audible alarm
• The size is 7.18″W x 5″H x 6.88″D. Weight is 4.4 lbs.
• Battery backup is approximately 8 hours operation
• Can be secured to a mount on the wall or a bench
• Partial ANSI N42.17A testing is performed by Eberline
• Lithium batteries are used

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Weight 7 lbs