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Checkout and calibrate pulse-rate instruments
Frequency range 0.1 to 1.6 million counts per minute
Precise preset frequencies
Calibrated amplitude range 1 mV to 3 V
Trickle-charged battery
Battery check button

The pulse repetition rate of the Model MP2 is variable from 0.1 counts per minute (cpm) to 1.6 million cpm in discrete steps of two or continuously. Accuracy of the MP2is better than 0.1
percent when using the discrete steps. The analog pulse output has a pulse shape tailored to simulate most radiation detectors so the counting electronics will respond properly. The pulse
amplitude is continuously variable from less than 1 mV to 3 V negative and is displayed on the front panel meter.  The binary line driver output is tailored to drive the Thermo Fisher Scientific line of computerized system components and simulates the output of both the DA1-X and IBX detector interface electronics. This output can also be used to stimulate instruments with TTL (5 V) compatible inputs.

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