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Eberline E-600 “Smart” portable meter.  These all have eberline “smart” connectors that when used with “smart” probes allow the meter to automatically apply the appropriate calibration.  This lets you swap out probes in the field for immediate use.

This meter has data logging capabiltiy, functions as a digital scaler and ratemeter.  Will handle any number of different probes with fully adjustable HV and threshold.  It is basically an electronic meter that does it all.

It requires the use of “Smart” cables which we have available for $150 each, or the SMARTPAC connectors that allow the use of the meter with regular probes.  We have SMARTPAC’s for MHV, BNC and CP1 connectors available for sale for $100 each (see separate listings).

We also have E-600 kits complete with SMARTPAC and various probe with a Pelican case.

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