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The price is for a single dosimeter.  These are used Dosimeter Corporation Model 862 pocket electrometer dosimeters.  These are the gold standard for pocket dosimeters, much preferred over units from Stephens, or those currently sold new.  These units are nearly indestructable and the low range makes them good for daily use at nuclear facilities.  These units are still in use worldwide at nuclear stations and anywhere people work with radiation.

Compare these to the new ones that cost over $150 each!They don’t require batteries to function and will last for decades.They operate by charging them up with a battery powered device or a piezoelectric “gun” type unit.  We have a limited number of the battery chargers and a couple of the dosimeter corp 910 120V chargers that can be sold separately.  We do combine shipping if you buy more than one.

We warranty them to meet ANSI N322-1977.  We will perform a 24 hr drift test prior to shipping these units and will reject any for shipment that drift more than 10% of scale (per the standard).  We can also calibrate them for an additional $25 each if you prefer.  If you calibrate them yourself and any fail the calibration, we will replace them or refund you the money if you send them back to us.  See the following specifications:

Radiation Detected: Gamma and X-Rays 20 keV +
Accuracy: Energy Dependency Rate dependency ±20% at midscale, based on 20keV (NIST HFS Technique) ±20% from 20 keV to 200 keV ±5% up to 10,000 R/hr


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