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  • Counts.Pro turns your meter into a mobile lab that records, stores, and transmits your survey data. Now you can email your measurements, or sync to a secure cloud server.

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Upgrade your current radiation meters with Counts.Pro.
Counts.Pro is a hardware upgrade to existing radiation ratemeters that connects your meter into an Apple (IOS) device using Bluetooth LE and the Counts.Pro App. It digitizes and logs the output of your meters and can automatically save your data to a cloud server. Each set of data is a continuous recording taken in quarter-second intervals of your entire survey or scaler count. It is essentially a recording of all the counts your meter indicates. Counts.Pro doesn’t change the output of the meter, it revolutionizes the collection of data by recording the entire survey. It turns your existing meter into something more functional and capable than anything else available.
Check out the images of each of the App Screens to see how it works.
Included with each Counts.Pro

Counts.Pro hardware with free installation (or you can do it yourself).
The Counts.Pro App – Free in the Apple Store.
One year of the Counts.Pro cloud server*.

*You don’t need to use the cloud server to have access to the data which is stored on your device. You can send the data to the Cloud service or email it in a .csv file.
Compared to other technology Counts.Pro is better at a lower cost
Adding a simple scaler to a meter usually costs $400 or more, and all you get is a number. Counts.Pro gives you total counts, a recording of all counts in quarter-second intervals, operator descriptions, date, time, duration of survey, GPS location, meter and probe identification, etc.
Counts.Pro logs all the information collected during a survey in an archive-able easy to access record. Counts.Pro gives immediate access to your data for better decision making and documentation. The data is provided in a .csv format for easy use with no proprietary software requirements.
Upgrade your existing ratemeter to a digital Scaler/Datalogger

Turn an analog ratemeter into a digital scaler/datalogger/mobile lab with a simple hardware upgrade and IOS App on your Apple device.
Transmit your data automatically to a cloud server or email it to colleagues

Once on the IOS device, you can upload it to a cloud server via WIFI or the devices cellular service, or email it anywhere in .csv format. Instant remote access to your data is immediately available with the Counts.Pro App.
Permanent Data Archive

If sent to the Cloud Server, you have a permanent immutable archive of each measurement in an easy to access .csv format that is immediately available for sharing.

Each data set sent to the cloud has a unique ID in addition to the Date/Time/GPS stamp. You can download the .csv file for analysis using a spreadsheet, or program it with a script for incorporation into a database of your choosing. Analyze survey data off-site for reports and advanced statistics. We can even set up enterprise solutions if you want your own server.

GPS Ability

If you chose to enable GPS with your counts, Counts.Pro uses the GPS ability of the device to determine location. It works very well with devices connected to a cellular or WIFI Network regardless of the type of iOS device. For very accurate GPS, there are Iphone Add-Ons that will give land surveyor quality GPS information that will be recorded by the Counts.Pro. If you are taking boundary surveys, older iPhone or IPad with a low cost sim card is a great way to utilize the GPS with high accuracy on a budget. Low cost phones and iPads with cellular capability are available on Ebay. Disposable SIM cards can be bought for $15. If you are in an area with WIFI connectivity such as a regularly used building, the GPS of even iPods is sufficient to identify where the survey was recorded.

Use your existing meter and probe inventory

Counts.Pro operates in most existing count rate meters without interrupting normal function or calibration of the meter. The price includes installation of the Counts.pro. If you prefer, we can send Counts.Pro for your own installation.

If you need meters, we have plenty here on our online store at a great price.

Call or email to see if your meter can accept Counts.Pro. The list of meters we know work include just about any meter that uses pulses to drive the display. This includes most industry standard count rate meters such as those manufactured by Ludlum, Eberline, and Bicron.

Counts.Pro is a Free App in the Apple store

The APP is free in the Apple store, but you need the Counts.Pro hardware for it to function. The good news is that a single Counts.Pro hardware installation can allow for multiple users with the App to utilize it. Each user can share a device, or use their own IOS device to run the meter.

Visit https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/counts-pro/id1281397288?mt=8

Devices that work with Counts.Pro

All you need to connect the counts.pro is an IOS device using Bluetooth 4.0. Do you have access to an Iphone/Ipad/Ipod? The following versions will work:

Bluetooth 4.0 (BT LE), also known as Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth Smart. The following iPhones, Ipads, and Ipods use Bluetooth 4.0:

iPhone: These can be bought on Ebay for $50 and up and activated with a low cost SIM card for GPS accuracy using cellular networks without adding a phone to your cellular phone plan.

iPhone 4S
iPhone 5
iPhone 6
iPhone 7-10

iPad –

iPad, 3rd generation
iPad, 4th generation
iPad mini
iPad mini 2
iPad mini 3
iPad Air
iPad Air 2

iPod – General area GPS available through WIFI networks.

The iPod Touch (5th generation) is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0.

The FREE Counts.Pro App is in the apple store here:

Visit https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/counts-pro/id1281397288?mt=8

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