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The Series 5 XLB is the only low background alpha / beta counter to offer a

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The Series 5 XLB is the only low background alpha / beta counter to offer a
completely integrated, computer controlled system for maximum flexibility.
The Series 5 platform is the next generation of automatic low background systems, designed to count samples the way they are prepared in a laboratory. Sensible and smart, the Series 5 provides integrated intelligence to satisfy the most demanding applications and routine analysis.

Enhanced Low Background and Productivity
Due to increasing environmental regulations to reach lower detection limits, sample count times have increased reducing the overall sample throughput in the laboratory. The Series 5 incorporates new technology to reduce system background and increase sample throughput. Using an improved guard detector, the system sensitivity for high energy, cosmic background is increased, enabling the anti-coincidence circuitry to detect and reject more spurious background events.

The beta background for the Series 5 has been reduced by as much as 35% over older systems. Beta background as low as 0.5 cpm can be achieved. This means that the Series 5 family of low background counters can count twice as many
samples for a given detection limit as a counter with a beta background of 1.0 cpm – impressive performance from an impressive system.

Custom Molded Shield

Using a graded shielding system, the Series 5 counts samples with more accuracy than any other low background counter. The molded shield system provides 10 cm (4 in.) of custom molded lead surrounding the detector. The shield comprises interlocking modules which weigh no more than 27 kg (60 lb) each for safety and ease of assembly.