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This device monitors the amount of radiation exposure you are currently receiving from 1.0 μR/h to 200 R/h.

It also monitors the total amount of radiation you have been exposed to.

Please note: these units are out of calibration.

The unit you receive may not be the EXACT unit pictured, but will be very similiar. If you need photos of the unit you will receive, please do not hesitate to ask.

Items do NOT include batteries.

Manufactured by Canberra

From Canberra, technical specs:

Key Features:

Easy to operate by personnel in firefighting or “HAZMAT” protective gear
•Extremely rugged, metal housing
•Accurate dose measurements with high dose rate
•Large, easy-to-read back-lit LCD display
•Audible, visual and vibrating alarms
•Unique “stay time” display shows time remaining for
the highest level of individual health and safety
•Configuration by push button or integrated software

•Uses standard AAA batteries

Radiological Characteristics:

Measurement Range:

  • Dose rate: 1.0 μR/h to 200 R/h
  • Cumulative Dose: 0.1μR to 999 R(0.01μSv to 999 Sv)


  • Within ± 30% of 100μR/h(1μSv/h) to 200 R/h (2.0 Sv/h)


  • Energy compensated GM detector

Energy Range:

  • ±40% from 60keV to 1.5MeV

Response Time:

  • Achieves 90% of final reading in one second; subject to step change from 1 mR/hr (10μSv/h) to 55 mR/h (550
    μSv/h); updates display every second

Dose Read Out:

  • Non-volatile memory will not be erased when read
  • Re-zero by push button


  • Alarm threshold configurable for dose and dose rate
  • Alarm configurable for audible, visual and vibration
  • Audible alram: >85dB at 30 cm



  • Four AAA (1.5v) alkaline batteries

Battery Life:

  • 150 hours (about 1 month) continuous monitoring; 1,500 hrs during inactive (sleep) mode
  • Low battery  indication-10 hrs of battery life remaining


  • Dimensions: H: 3.94 x W: 2.62x D: 1.24 in. (100 x 66 x 31 mm)
  • Weight: 8.9 oz (252g) without pouch
  • Volume: 12.8 cubic inches (210cc)
  • Case Material: Die cast aluminum in yellow


  • LCD: Readable at 3 ft (1m); with backlight
  • Measurements Units: Rem & Sieverts


  • Operating Temperature: -22 degree F to 141 degrees F (-30 degrees C to 61 degrees C); Vibrating and audible alarms functional to -50 degrees C
  • Storage/Transport Temperature: -40 degrees F to 158 degrees F (-40 degrees C to +70 degrees C)
  • Humidity: RH 40% to 93% at 95 degrees F (35 degrees C)
  • Water Immersion (Including salt water): 3 ft (1m) for at least 2 hr
  • Sand and dust (In wind) resistant
  • Fungus resistant
  • Vibratino and shock resistant
  • Altitude: 40,000 ft (12,000 m)
  • EMI and RFI resistant

Qualification Testing

  • Type-tested to meet ANSI-N42.33-2006 requirements
  • Derived from military grade AN/UDR-14 / RGU-100 pocket radiac- MIL-STD-810G


Initialization and Setup:

  • Operational in less than 5 seconds; diagnostics and alarms in less than 1 minute; continuous diagnostics for power, circuitry and detector

Data Logging:

  • Up to 999 data points, downloadable via optical Infrared IR cable

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