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Argos 5AB Alpha Beta Portal monitors, New Condition

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The Mirion Argos-PB line of Whole Body Contamination Monitors provides user-friendly operation with thorough and reliable detection of external contamination on personnel working in nuclear environments. The Argos-5PB  monitos features the most advanced gasless, Thin Plastic Scintillator (TPS) detectors, optimized for the best possible beta response (along with minimizing the gamma response).

Until recently, the elimination of counting gas has been the only advantage of using of plastic scintillation detectors over traditional gas flow detectors in whole body monitors. The sacrifice for this advantage was in detector performance (low efficiency, bad uniformity) leading to longer count times. Mirion has successfully addressed the challenges of this gasless detector technology, minimizing the trade-off between operating costs and performance.

The Argos-5PB gasless monitors offer the same industry-best contour geometry as the Argos-3/-5AB gas flow monitors. The need for counting gas is eliminated by using scintillation detectors with an embedded PMT to minimize dead space between detectors. This arrangement provides optimal contour geometry and coverage for the occupant.

All Argos monitors use a sophisticated “fast following” background trending and release-limit algorithm to provide the best performance in a stable or varying radiation field.

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