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The Surveyor models are portable, analog, rate-only survey meters, designed for gamma/x-ray, beta and alpha contamination surveys with appropriate GM probe and
calibration. Rugged construction and quality components make them durable, and the instruments are easy to service. Internal components are laid out on modular circuit boards.  The exclusive HV check assures that the detector is operating at its proper high voltage. The anti-saturation circuit keeps the meter reading off-scale when the detector saturates in a high radiation field, providing an added safety margin. Automatic dead time compensation assures the accuracy of higher
exposure rate readings for linear response on all ranges.
A single 9-Volt battery powers each instrument, but it can be paralleled with a second 9-Volt battery in the accessory battery clip to extend operational life
Uses GM Probes only
0 – 0.5mR/h,

0 – 5mR/h,
0 – 50mR/h
0 – 600cpm,
0 – 6000cpm,
0 – 60000cpm

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