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These are Pancake style GM detectors with distinctive PGM look.  Currently still sold by Thermo as the PGM.  Note that most of these have MHV Connectors.  If you need a different connector type, let us know.  It will work with any GM capable meter.

For easy monitoring of surfaces, clothing and equipment, PGM’s 15.5 cm² radiation window, of thickness only 1.4 to 2 mg.cm², provides high efficiency and is protected by a fine mesh BeCu screen. All versions operate at 900 V.
GM pancake probe with rugged probe housing, responds to alpha, beta and
gamma radiations.  The PGM can be matched with the Surveyor, ASP-2, E-600, RM-25 or Electra/Delta Series. See also HP-360 and HP-210.

The PGM also works with any other instrument that can run a GM Probe.  These are all interchangeable.

• 15.5 cm² radiation window protected
by fine mesh BeCu screen
• 900 V fixed high voltage
• Connector: MHV
• Check source: CK-1

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Bicron/Thermo PGM Pancake GM

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 5 in