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Counts.Pro (which is a top level domain for more research) allows you to record all your measurements and works with any detector, old or new, that measures pulses. Counts.Pro uses the GPS in your smart phone (which can be enhanced to provide sub meter GPS) to record location. Gone are the days when you only see a dancing needle on your meter and wonder what the true reading is. Data is stored in a .csv format which can be opened by any typical spreadsheet. You don’t need special software to analyze what you get, so your files are “future proof”.

Counts.Pro gives you the following information:

On the App Screen while running:

Count Rate

Actual number of counts (Scaler)

Elapsed Time

Settings for count times (including infinite)

Start/Stop button


In the Data file (collected when you run a count time):

Date and time of EACH measurement

Actual counts in 0.25 second intervals with time stamp

Running count rate

Total Counts

Elapsed time

GPS location (if enabled) – 3rd party GPS units can be bought to give sub-meter GPS to iOS Devices.

Three user defined fields of unlimited length including the ability to take in measurement notes of observations.

Meter and probe model and serial numbers

Each count is stored on your device and can be emailed or shared using your smart device.

We have installed these in Ludlum Meters, Bicron Meters, Thermo Radeye’s, and other count rate meters. Counts.Pro turns your meter into something more functional than any meter you can buy for thousands more. With no software requirements, you are never held hostage to your data.


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These are 4X4 Sodium Iodide (NaI::Tl) detectors removed from a conveyor system designed to detect very low levels of gamma radiation.  These detectors are much more sensitive than the standard NaI detector used to measure radiation background (typically a 2X2).  These detectors have good plateau’s and work very well.  This is a very sensitive detector at a great price.  It will very easily see variation in natural background, let alone any radiological impact at your site.

When Fukushima happened, we were inundated with requests for survey meters.  We talked a whole lot of people out of buying meters and the usual equipment is not sensitive enough to measure background fluctuations necessary to determine if crops or food is contaminated.  This is the sort of thing that you will need to use for that!

These detectors are great for portal monitors, or performing walkover surveys of areas to look for elevated radioactivity.  You would be surprised how much radiation can be detected almost anywhere.  These detectors will see it if it is there.

We have meters you can use do operate these detectors.  They have all been tested and have great response with good plateau’s.  This is a great deal on a very large NaI detector.  Bigger is better when it comes to these.

See the illustration of a walkover survey we did of a pasture with a 2X2 and our Counts.Pro device.  These detectors are much more sensitive than the one that was used to make that survey map.  Counts.Pro is sold here on Ebay or online and lets you record your meter reading using a smart device.
Our instruments are always fully warrantee’d so you never have to worry.  We have been in the nuclear industry for 17 years and sell worldwide to hobbyists and nuclear professionals.

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