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An industry standard detector for making tissue equivalent measurements of variations in background and low level radiation. Frequently used at nuclear facilities to provide a tissue equivalent (accurate) measurement for radiation dose rates.  The Microrem is much less prone to over-reporting dose rate from low energy photons like many other low level radiation detectors utilizing NaI or other non-tissue equivalent detection media.

This is a Low Energy version with a mylar window on the case and on the detector itself to allow measurement of low energy photons.

Dose range from 0-200,000 uR/hr (Analog meter scale 0-200 with X0.1, X1, X10, X100, X1000 selector)

Radiation Detected: Gamma and x-ray, 17 keV to 1.3 MeV

Detector: Internal, tissue equivalent, organic scintillator

Accuracy: Within 10% of reading for 137Cs between 20% and 100% of full scale on any range

Energy Response: See energy response curve

High Voltage: Electronically stabilized, factory set during calibration, with check band on the meter

Response Time: Optimized for each range, 0-90% of final reading as follows:

Range: Time; X0.1 : <15 seconds=”” span=””> X1: <15 seconds=”” span=””> X10: <5 seconds=”” span=””> X100: <2 seconds=”” span=””> X1000: <2 seconds=”” p=””>

Temperature: Operational from -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)

Humidity: <5% change in reading from 10% to 95% RH

Battery Complement: Two 9 volts

Battery Life: >100 hours

Geotropism: Within +2% of full scale

Shock: 100 g per lightweight machine of Mil-STD 202C, method 202B

Vibration: 5 g in each of three mutually orthogonal axes at one or more frequencies from 10-33 Hz

Meter Reset Button: Allows meter to reset to “0” for repeat measurement

Display: Ruggedized, recessed, high-torque 1 mA meter protected by impact resistant Lexan polycarbonate window with 3.35″ (85.1 mm) scale marked:

Control: Eight position rotary switch: Off; Bat. (checks the condition of the batteries); HV (audits the detector high voltage): X1000, X100, X10, X1, X0.1 (counting ranges=multiply the meter reading by these figures)


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