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Pocket Dosimeter Ranging 0-200 mR

The only difference between the W138 and the 138 is the W138 is made with a protective sapphire window to protect from scratches.

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Radiation Detected:  Gamma and X-Ray from 16 keV to 6 MeV

Range: 0-200mR

Detector: Fiber-Electrometer mounted in an Electrically Conductive Plastic Ion Chamber

Detector Housing: Very low permeability plastics – Hermetically-Sealed

Accuracy: +/– 10% of true exposure

Rate Response: Dose rate independent for Gamma and X-Ray

Electrical Leakage: Less than 1.0% of full scale for 24 hours at 50 C

Temperature Range: -20 degrees C to +50 degrees C

Relative Humidity:  Up to 90%

Dimensions:  4.5” (12.4 cm) Length X .6“ (1.5 cm) Diameter

Weight:  1.0 oz. (25 grams)

Finish:  Natural Matte Black with a Metal Clip

Warranty:  Two Year Limited Warranty

Shelf Life:  20 Years

Specifications: ANSI N13.5 and ANSI N322-1997

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Model W138 with Protective Saphire Window, Model 138