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From Canberra:

The Canberra family of body contamination monitors includes the Argos series of whole body monitors, the Sirius series of Hand and Foot Monitors, and the GEM-5 gamma exit monitor. These user-friendly instruments require no user interface during normal operation. Voice annunciation guides individuals through the monitoring process. An audible alarm notifies individuals of contamination and an easy to see colour LCD screen clearly displays contaminated areas. These monitors were formerly manufactured by Aptec-NRC, which has now merged with Canberra. The Argos series provide the reliable solution to whole body surface contamination monitoring needs. The Argos AB units are dual channel simultaneous alpha and beta monitors utilizing low consumption gas flow detectors with thin aluminized Mylar (polyester) windows for optimum alpha sensitivity.  The Argos B/BX series provides similar beta sensitivity with sealed proportional detectors fitted with rugged windows for the utmost in low maintenance. Both series provide the ultimate in either alpha/beta or beta-only coverage. Additional plastic scintillation detectors, the Zeus option, which is suitable for whole-body gamma ray monitoring, is available on selected Argos models, including the Argos-4AB, Argos-4B, and Argos-4BX. The Sirius family provides similar sensitivity in Hand, Cuff and Foot Monitors. The Sirius-4AB and Sirius-2AB provide simultaneous alpha and beta sensitivity utilizing thin aluminized Mylar window low flow proportional detectors and dual counting channels. The Sirius-4B and Sirius-2B offer excellent beta sensitivity through the exclusive use of ultra-thin window large area sealed proportional detectors. Beta-sensitive models (e.g. Sirius-4B, Sirius-2B, Argos-4B, and Argos-2B) are available with Xenon filled sealed detectors for enhanced gamma ray and low energy X-ray sensitivity. Append X to the model number for this option, e.g. Argos-4BX.

Zeus 4G provides gamma detection:

The Zeus Option on an ARGOS monitor consists of the following major components:

Three (3) large plastic gamma scintillators monitoring the body.

2. A 1 in. (2.54 cm) lead shielding curtain wall.

3. ~0.4 in. lead shielding surrounding the back and sides of the plastic scintillators.

4. A single plastic gamma head scintillation detector.