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The Alnor/Rados dosimeter works with the Alnor Dosacus automated TLD reader systems.  Each dosimeter includes the housing with filter elements and a slide containing 3 TLD-700 elements (we sell the TLD-700 dosimeters for $1.80 each).  Let us know if you want the Alnor dosimeter without the chips and we can sell the dosimeter separately.  The cost per unit without the TLD-700 chips is $3 each.

We can get hangers to accommodate these dosimeters.  See the photos of the hanger.  THE HANGER IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS PRICE.

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Weight 0.1 lbs

Alnor/Rados multi-element dosimeter with three TLD-700 chips, Alnor TLD Holder without dosimeter elements inside.