Program Development

Whether you need help getting programs started or assistance with established programs, we can help.  We can create dosimetry, training, and other related programs. We can also evaluate your current programs with an audit. 

A clear document trail is essential to communicate your activities.  We can help you set up procedures, technical basis documents, survey schedules, periodic maintenance, etc.  We can also help you create computer applications to help keep track of your activities.  We can either develop programs or interface with another MIS department to ensure effective communications.

Program Development

Program development has a different set of challenges than program management.  Don’t hire more or different personnel than needed for the long term.  Use our extensive experience to help you develop your projects and manage your activities.

Training and Qualification Programs

Training is an essential tool for ensuring your staff achieves their potential and the company’s goals.  Qualification programs ensure your staff receives documented training to an agreed-upon standard.  We offer short- or extended-training classes using lectures developed in-house or your training materials. 

A documented training and qualification program lets your staff know what is expected of them and gives a means to track progress.  We create programs relevant to your operations and get your staff motivated.  Is your staff “qualified” to perform assigned tasks?  The peace of mind you will gain is worth the investment.


Audits help ensure your targeted health physics programs are adequate to support your activities and meet regulatory requirements.

Developing Computer Applications

Applications can be created using standard databases and spreadsheets (Access, Excel, etc).  Would automated daily reports and e-mails, functional screens, and an understandable interface save time in your office?  Let us work with your staff to develop programs that save time and eliminate frustration.  Programs we develop can meet your company’s growing needs, use programs your staff are already familiar with, be completely documented, and be supported when software is upgraded.

Other Services

Numerous other services that enhance your radiation safety program are available.  These include choosing instrumentation to monitor your facility; developing quality control and surveillance programs; setting up a dosimetry program, web-, server-, and PC-based applications; etc.  Please call or email to discuss what CHP Consultants can offer your business.

Key Benefits

  • The dosimetry is more accurate.
  • Regulatory issues are resolved.
  • Your employees get lower doses
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