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CHP Consultants offers products and health physics-related servicesincluding radiological instrument supplies, repair and calibration; radiation dosimetry services; and professional consulting services including health physics, nuclear safety, radiation dosimetry, dose reconstruction, nuclear decommissioning, nuclear medicine, radiology shielding design, technical editing, and more to clients worldwide. We can get your projects finished and provide a low cost source of high quality radiological instruments, typically at half of retail cost. We can also help market your unneeded instruments to recover cost and buy the equipment you need.

CHP Consultants introduces the CountsPro radiation survey recording system. Update your old meters
into a cloud connected digital dataloggers with the CountsPro System today.

The CountsPro is a radiological measurement recording system that incorporates a transmitter added to your existing count rate meters, a data collection Application (App) utilizing IOS devices (Apple IPhone, IPad, or Ipod), and a Cloud data sharing and archive solution.

Detailed information is available at the following links:
CountsPro Landing Page
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CHP Dosimetry offers NVLAP (Lab Code: 100555-0) accredited external dosimetry services. Please go to to order online today or for more information.

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